Typical MacBook crashes

Compared to other brands, Apple laptops are reliable and stable, and they rarely failing. This applies to both the technical part of the MacBook and the functioning of the operating system, installed programs, etc. However, like any technical product, breakdowns occur to them, most often through the fault of the users themselves.

One of the best, reputable Apple service centers, in New York, conducted an analysis, which resulted in statistics on the most frequent failures of the MacBook. The study was based on popular customer service calls. According to them, they managed to formulate a list of the most common problems with Apple laptops, to make a description of typical symptoms of faults and how to solve them. You can see this exclusive rating in this article.

Top MacBook Troubleshooting

The rating reflects frequent crashes and problems with the MacBook (in descending order). In addition to the name of the fault, a description of typical signs (symptoms), according to which it can be determined as well as a list of necessary repairs. These MacBook fault statistics are compiled based on the experience and years of practice of the current Apple service center.

1. Repair MacBook after pouring fluid

Approximately 30% of all calls to the Apple service center are related to the filling of the equipment with water or another substance. The most vulnerable to damage caused by flooding are all MacBook laptops. After all, tea, coffee, alcohol, water, etc. are often spilled on an open laptop. Through the keyboard, which is located directly above the motherboard and other important components of the system, liquid penetrates into the notebook. This leads to a short circuit, corrosion of the elements.

2. Problems with charging MagSafe

The MacBook charger is lightweight, has a nice design and is easy to use. But despite all the advantages, MagSafe have a significant drawback – from old age, or due to improper operation, the power cable with a magnetic connector fails. It can break, strip, tear, and also get hurt by children or pets. It’s also important to know about some rules of using MagSafe.

3. MacBook does not turn on

At the very beginning, it is necessary to determine that the terms “do not turn on” and not “load” are fundamentally different in essence. When we talk about a MacBook that does not turn on, it means that after pressing the start button, there is no reaction. That is, the laptop does not show signs of life, the process of loading the operating system does not begin. Such failures are most often associated with a faulty power system, its improper functioning.

4. MacBook not loading

As we mentioned earlier – if the laptop does not boot, it means that it turns on but cannot load the operating system. In most cases, the problem is characterized by the absence of an image, a white screen, or system error messages. Programmatically such failures can not be fixed, only component repair or replacement of damaged parts.

5. MacBook Image Problem

All malfunctions associated with MacBook display images can be conditionally divided into those caused by physical factors (mechanical damage) and component breakdowns. The first category includes the fall of the laptop, hitting the screen, accidentally forgotten things when closing the top cover, etc.

6. Stuck, slow MacBook

Problems with the “braking” MacBook can be divided into those caused by a faulty hardware, insufficient notebook power, or software malfunction. Only professional diagnostics will help identify the true problem and successfully eliminate it.