How to select a ring based on ring finger shape and size

Among the myriad of jewelry, it is not easy to find a ring that fits perfectly. The shape of a ring is as important as the quality of the precious metal and the authenticity of the stone because it is what gives the whole look. What to say about those who have peculiar features of the hands, which can be corrected neither with clothes, nor with gestures. But the store with rings can help every woman who wants to become more beautiful. How to emphasize the grace of youth, hide wiry joints or visually lengthen the fingers using rings – the oldest jewelry on Earth.

Jewelry rings for long thin fingers

Musical hands look very elegant, but to select the jewelry, too, you need to know how to do it. The main desire when choosing – avoid oblong elements. Particular care requires the so-called rings-folds, which encircle the entire finger. They may disadvantage the contours of the wrist.

Rings with large stones for women, the owners of such hands, as if created by nature itself. Unusual design, original combinations, intricate designs of metal or inserts will definitely be in place. Of course, you can rely on expert advice, and also on the call of your heart, choosing jewelry that really fell into your heart. You can also check out king and queen engagement rings when it comes to choosing wedding rings.

How to choose a woman’s ring for chubby fingers

Body shapes depend on many reasons that are not easy to understand, but you can always feel attractive. Possessing aristocratic hands, short plump fingers, neat nails, you should look closely at the showcases where there are wide rings. Asymmetric models, oval or pear-shaped stones as inserts are worth special attention. Triangles and rhombuses also add elegance.

Broad fingers do not like the proximity of certain types of jewelry:

  1. Very thin;
  2. Ornamented with stripes, horizontal shapes;
  3. Phalange rings;
  4. Small gems, inconspicuous inserts.

Quite often, in addition to the selection of jewelry, you have to worry about a manicure, because the shape of the nails also transforms the appearance of the hand. Do not be afraid to experiment, choosing your own unique style! You can even look into diamond side stone engagement rings.

A ring for those with prominent finger joints

Thick hands are not necessarily a sign of daily hard work. Sometimes it is the manifestation of age-related changes or adolescent hormonal features. For girls and women, such traits do not prevent them from avoiding a trip to the jewelry store.

And it is necessary to refuse thin, inconspicuous rings. Minimalism and classic will expose the joints, accentuating not at all the advantages. But the options for choosing a successful jewelry accessory are more than enough:

  • Large jewelry, abundantly supplemented with decorative elements;
  • Stones of rich colors;
  • Games of proportions in designer collections;
  • The large-scale pieces, different inlays, experimental style or even round simple engagement rings.

Any piece of jewelry you like should be tried on first. After all, in addition to the overall shape and outline, there are other nuances that affect the final image. You can choose great rings at

Jewelry for the owners of long thumbs

A large hand, a wide wrist, powerful fingers – nature has awarded such a set of women of tall stature. Thus they did not lose a bit of its attractiveness, and correctly selected rings will only increase the pride of natural characteristics.

Girls with such hands should avoid thin inconspicuous jewelry on the phalanges. They are lost against the background of the natural features, and do not emphasize the advantages. It is better to consider one of the following options:

  1. A massive ring, complete with large stones, for example, in a vintage style;
  2. Solitaire pieces, where there is a single faceted gem;
  3. Large jewelry with a complex design or a combination of stones.

Large pieces of jewelry on the hands will help narrow the outlines, giving grace, elegance, and charisma. The unique style of each such masterful creation perfectly reflects the character of the owner. But you will not be fit for the micro pave solitaire engagement rings. 

Beautiful rings for those who have short fingers

Such hands can also easily become refined. If you look for a ring with a well-shaped inlay, the hand will be visually elongated, creating the effect of a doll’s palm. Isn’t it an option to feel like a princess? The main rule is that the insertion of the jewelry should be elongated or oval. Thin rings will look more pleasing if there is an asymmetry and angularity of forms.

Some kinds of jewelry are contraindicated for such features of your appearance:

  • Convex rings or inlays on them;
  • Tracks of small stones;
  • Horizontal stripes;
  • Wide jewelry on two fingers at once;
  • Inlays of different colors in the design of a single ring.