Handyman service for equipment installation

Everyone without exception takes the purchase of equipment very seriously. The same approach should be taken when installing the equipment. You should not trust it to dubious specialists, and even more so to people without experience in installation of equipment. Handy Kith handymen is distinguished by the fact that it is able to work with machinery of any complexity level.

The rules of technique installation are more complicated than you think

In addition to the ability to handle the equipment, a very important aspect is the correct distribution of the load on the electricity grid. Especially if the equipment is installed in houses with old wiring. If before there were problems with electricity in the apartment, you should contact a specialist, call a master to install the equipment. Do not be fooled by the seemingly simple installation of household appliances such as an electric cooker, washing machine or refrigerator. Right on the spot, the craftsmen will assess the general state of the electricity network in your home, analyse the capacity of all existing appliances, install new appliances and set them up correctly.

Installing your own appliances on their own can cause problems that you cannot anticipate

There are hazards and risks involved in installing the equipment. This is another reason why the installation of machinery must be carried out exclusively by specialists with experience. Dangers and risks occur not only during the installation and adjustment process, but also afterwards. Very often, problems with the installed machinery arise from ignorance of the elementary rules. Wizards have repeatedly encountered that an inaccurate attempt to install new equipment has also led to the deterioration of the machinery. Thus, an extractor hood installed higher than required by the regulations was losing power, while a washing machine installed near a bathtub or washer was rapidly gaining moisture and failing.

Why is it not profitable to order the installation of equipment in the shop where you buy it? What could be more convenient to buy and order an installation at the same time? However, there are a number of difficulties and inconveniences for the buyer. As a rule, “shop” masters are in a hurry. They are not too inclined to answer the customer’s questions, do not bear personal responsibility, do not always treat the purchased goods carefully. Barely after installation there are problems, and you call the numbers in the contract, you are redirected from phone to phone, then you come to the conclusion that it is easier to install the equipment by a third party, rather than contact the “shop” installation again or try to find the masters who performed it.

Repair of household appliances

How long the machine will last depends not only on the quality of its assembly, but also on the master who carried out the repair. Today there is no home appliance that has served for decades. Even the most famous and expensive brands sooner or later need repair. And here the question becomes – in whose hands do you give a correctly served washing machine, refrigerator or electric stove?

A master with knowledge

A master’s tools do not make him a professional yet. Everyone who has ever encountered a master who does not have enough knowledge of the technique has to agree with this. And if skills don’t get outdated, then knowledge does. What a master knew about air conditioners and dishwashers 5 years ago will still be useful, but it is not enough. For technique 5, and even more 10 years, the term is huge. During this time, not only the visual component of models changes, but also their internal component.